Tuesday August 08, 2017
The ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels have a rare Wednesday night fixture at the Oaktree Arena this week as they face Wolverhampton, the defending League Champions, tomorrow night in a match which was original scheduled for the end of July but fell foul of an inclement weather forecast.

Wednesday’s re-staging does, however, have the bonus of Wolves being able to include their number 1, Fredrik Lindgren in the line-up, the Swede being unavailable for the original fixture, but on the minus side, their Australian ex-Rebel, Sam Masters, will be missing as he recovers from a broken collar-bone sustained whilst riding for Edinburgh in the SGB Championship on Friday night, the visitors operating rider replacement in his place.

Other than those two changes, both sides are the same as scheduled to ride in the first attempt to stage the match, the application of the new averages on Monday having no material effect on either team.

“We are now in a season-defining spell as far as the Premiership is concerned,” said Somerset team manager Garry May, “and every point is vital for all eight teams, especially with the play-off places still up for grabs.”

“The boys have put in some excellent performances in winning our last two home matches, plus their superb win at King's Lynn on Monday night, so they will be looking to build on that come Wednesday night's match."

‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels v Wolverhampton Wolves
SGB Premiership
Oaktree Arena
Wednesday 9th August
Gates Open 6.00pm, Tapes-Up 7.30pm

Admission Prices: Adults £16.00, Concessions £14.00, Young Adults (12-18 inclusive) £6.00, Children (11 & under) Free.
Programme: £3.00 (please note that the programme will be that printed for the original fixture together with an up to date cover & race-card 'wrap-around.')
Car Parking: £1.50


Somerset Rebels: Richard Lawson (7.80), Josh Grajczonek [c] (7.49), Patrick Hougaard (6.74), Charles Wright (6.51), Cameron Heeps (5.53), Jake Allen (5.19), Lewis Kerr (4.30); Team Manager: Garry May

Wolverhampton Wolves: Fredrik Lindgren [c] (9.17), Jacob Thorssell (8.55), Rider Replacement for Sam Masters (8.33), Rory Schlein (7.83), Kyle Howarth (6.76), Ellis Perks (4.00), Nathan Greaves (2.30); Team manager: Pete Adams

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