Monday May 01, 2017
While the ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels will be seeking league points at Belle Vue later today, Patrick Hougaard will be in Hungary competing in one of the 4 semi-final meetings in the European Championship.

Patrick will be racing at Nagyhalasz, Hungary (start time 1pm UK time), with the other three meetings which constitute the semi-finals being at Mureck (Austria) and Terenzano (Italy), which also take place today, with the 4th meeting taking place at Lamothe Landerron (France) on Saturday (6th).

The line-up for the meeting at Nagyhalasz;

1) Milen Manev (Bulgaria), 2) Janusz Kolodziej (Poland), 3) Norbert Magosi (Hungary), 4) Patrik Buri (Czech Republic), 5) Rasmus Jensen (Denmark), 6) Andrej Karpov (Ukraine), 7) Patrick Hougaard (Denmark), 8) Valentin Grobauer (Germany), 9) Jurica Pavlic (Croatia), 10) Pontus Aspgren (Sweden), 11) Jozsef Tabaka (Hungary), 12) Hristo Hristov (Bulgaria), 13) Przemyslaw Pawlicki (Poland), 14) Josef Franc (Czech Republic), 15) Tero Aarnio (Finland), 16) Denis Stojs (Slovenia)

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