Monday February 13, 2017
The 'Cases' Somerset Rebels trio of Josh Grajczonek, Rohan Tungate and Jake Allen competed in the Darcy Ward Benefit Meeting held at North Brisbane on Saturday evening.

The meeting was won by Chris Holder, who dominated proceedings, he having his colours lowered just once all night, that being by Jake Allen when the pair met in heat 19 of the qualifying heats, while Rohan finished in second place in the Grand Final.

Rohan made the better start in the Final to head Holder for the opening lap, but Holder's greater speed saw him win out to take the meeting win ahead of Rohan with Jason Crump in 3rd place and World Under-21 Champion Max Fricke in 4th.

Heat points: Chris Holder 14, Jason Crump 12, Jake Allen 12, Nick Morris 12, Jack Holder 11, Rohan Tungate 10, Max Fricke 8, Todd Kurtz 8, Ty Proctor 8, Sam Masters 6, Josh Grajczonek 6, Zaine Kennedy 5, Tyson Snow 4, Matt Gilmore 2, Kane Lawrence 1, Kye Thomson (res, 1), James Bevan 0.

Semi-final 1: 1. Chris Holder 2. Max Fricke 3. Jack Holder 4. Jake Allen.

Semi-final 2: 1. Rohan Tungate 2. Jason Crump 3. Nick Morris 4. Todd Kurtz.

Final: 1. Chris Holder 2. Rohan Tungate 3. Jason Crump 4. Max Fricke.

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