Wednesday January 04, 2017
'Cases' Somerset Rebel number 1, Rohan Tungate, finished in 5th place in today's opening round of the 2017 Australian Championship staged at Gillman Speedway, South Australia.

Rohan scored 10 points from his 5 qualifying rides to qualify for the 'B' Final alongside Troy Batchelor, Sam Masters and Max Fricke, the winner of which would progress through to the 'A' Final together with Nick Morris, Justin Sedgmen and Davey Watt, the three highest scorer's from the 20 qualifying heats.

Unfortunately for Rohan, despite leading the 'B' Final for the best part of 3 laps, he had Batchelor all over him in 2nd place and eventually Batchelor got through on the inside to take the win and deny Rohan a place in the 'A' Final, which was won by Davey Watt.

The second round of the series will be staged on Saturday (7th) at Olympic Park, Mildura.

Heat scores:

Justin Sedgmen 14, Davey Watt 13, Nick Morris 13, Sam masters 10, Rohan Tungate 10, Troy Batchelor 10, Max Fricke 9, Ty Proctor 6, Jack Holder 6, Brady Kurtz 5, Todd Kurtz 5, Josh Pickering 5, Jaimon Lidsey 5, Cooper Riordan 4, Mason Campton 3, Jordan Stewart 2.

'B' Final: Batchelor, Tungate, Fricke, Masters (ret)

'A' Final: Watt, Sedgmen, Batchelor, Morris

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